Fraxel Games was born in 2016 out of the idea of a group of technology and video games enthusiasts with a clear goal in our mind: We love games, so let's try and make some.

After a couple of years, our small studio has grown by giving young and bright minds from around our country a place to focus their talent and motivation, but above all, a place they can call home. We feel very lucky to be in a position where we can chase our dreams, and because of it you can be sure we're putting every bit of effort into making them a reality by making the very best games we can.
In these first couple of years, we've learned a lot, achieved all of our milestones thus far and have met a whole bunch of cool people along the way. We're very proud of where we are today, but we know we still have a long and winding road ahead of us. So thank you for visiting us and please watch us grow!

Alejandro Montero


Adetona Ajao


Roberto Monge


Victor Manuel Camacho


Carlos Ávila

Level Designer

Julio Abad


Álvaro Guerrero


Elisabeth Cruz

Front-end Developer

Enrique Ferrer

Marketing Manager

Silvia Doña

Lead Artist

Laura Maese


Ignacio Muñoz

Game Designer

Francisco Javier Palma


Miguel Montero

Lead Programmer

Sebastián Melgar

Sound Designer / Composer

Patricia Ruiz

3D Artist



We create cross-platform games or playful software by special request!
Contact us with your idea and we will answer as soon as possible