It´s coming…

If we didn´t make it clear in our previous post, we love KINGDOM HEARTS, and because we are waiting to play it… we decided to talk about the Final Fantasy 15… LIE!

How can we miss this great opportunity to talk about one of the games that had a great impact on us. At the end of the day if something characterizes us as gamers is that we love to talk about those games that have sucked hours and hours of our lives.

And, although we are more than excited to see what we have Square Enix prepared for us we can only look with certain doubts to the future.

What? A post that can say something bad about the Kingdom Hearts? Well the truth is that because we are the biggest fans is harder to fullfil our high expectations.

Think that we are talking about people who played the first Kingdom Hearts, I specifically was 13 years when I tried that game, and my demands to consider an outstanding product were less. Over the years I have been trying several games that have hooked me so much (or even more…) and what I used to see as a good touch in a game may now be seen as something necessary to enjoy a quality working.

Also, being honest, it doesn’t help much to work in the industry, where you are constantly testing new games that teach you completely new worlds and infinite possibilities. This, does nothing but raise our demand for quality to new games, because we do not see an end to the creativity of people and their ability to surprise us.

What will Kingdom Hearts bring us? Will there be any new mechanics that will impact us? Innovate gameplay? Will the story itself be enough to satisfy? And the end? Will it be another Mass Effect that had a MHE ending to an incredible story?

If long (VERY LONG) productions has shown us is that you do not always have a clear objective in mind with the game that you try to fulfill. And there is no greater example than the aforementioned Final Fantasy 15.

Anyone who has played the game with a critical eye notices that there have been several hands behind this development and this fact does nothing good to the game. It is bad because the central idea of the game fades, the goal of the product loses essence and ends up becoming a mix of games rather than just one. And sadly, for that, and many other reasons, Final Fantasy 15 has been a “failure” to the studio that has not yet reached expected numbers(some bad rumors estimate that neither have recovered what was invested…)

And it is easy to forget that the first teaser of Kingdom Hearts 3 came out on PLAYSTATION 2. How you hear it! In this consoleThere was a secret ending on KH2 itself that left a whole generation wanting to play more, but did not want to play the games that have been coming out (that the truth be told were not all bad) we wanted to continue the story of Sora.

It is this kind of fear and emotion together that make us see how amazing this industry is. We want to play it, but we don’t want to be disappointed. The truth is that we always say how lucky we are to work on what we like but in this particular case working and testing everything that the industry can offer is a negative…


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