Happy new year!!!

Happy New Year!

We are back in the office and we cannot start this year without wishing you all an amazing 2019!

Truth be told, as any human, dwarf or elf, it is hard for us to start working again after enjoying our holidays. But we are lucky to work in that what we love and that is the best experience anyone can get.

How can we start this 2019? We had a lot of ideas but we think the best one is to look back and see what 2018 to try to look to the future and see where our industry is going.

The first and most obvious answer is that 2018 has bring us a lot of joy with amazing games such as “God of War” or “Red Dead Redemption 2”. I still lose a couple hours every day in those worlds!

But 2018 was not only a year for big productions, the indie scene had some incredible hitters, and the teams that did them proved to be full of amazing talent! We loved games like “The  Messenger”, “Celeste” or “Gris”to say a few. Even more, after writing this I will go home and start a new game.

And the list just goes on both big and small: “Smash Brothers”, “Moonlighter”, “SpiderMan”, “Dragon Ball Fighter Z” (it only took a decade to have another good DBZ game), “Monster Hunter; World”… Whatever you’re into this year has been an incredible embarrassment of riches when it comes to the videogame industry (and just a plain embarrassment in some other subjects if we’re being honest, but that’s a talk for another time).

So let’s look forward to 2019 and lets try to make it the best year yet!

Ok, done, this year is going to be AMAZING. Let’s start by saying:





Many of us are old enough to have enjoyed the release of the first Kingdom Hearts game. In the beginning, I remember that in the beginning people were not exactly sure if the mix of Disney and Final Fantasy Characters was a great idea, but after a couple of gameplay hours everybody I knew was on board! It was the begging of something big. And let’s be honest, 90% of our studio is going to buy the game at day one and dump as many of hour free hours as we can on it.

Having said that, we have to mention “Crash Team Racing”, my god do we love this game! Now that I’m writing this I figured that we are old, the games that we want to se are sequels or remasters (Sorry Crash, I love you; I spent hours and hours in front of the TV racing with you).

So let’s talk about “Anthem”, we loved the trailer and we would love to see more about this game! It’s really promising! We also loved “Sekiro: Shadows die Twice”… Who cannot love a ninja with and flame throwing arm! If you don’t trust me look at this photo, amazing right?

To finish the post, this year has been amazing… and 2019 seems to be interesting. What a time to be alive!

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