The gamer community and its achievements

We love being gamers, there are several things that make us feel proud of such a great and wonderful community , but without a doubt we love the great feeling of charity we all share. You wonder how are we able to establish such a statement. Well the truth is that you only have to get into Twitch or any major magazine in the industry to find out about a charity marathon that is occurring at this time. And we should not underestimat this fact, as the gamer community has managed to gather a fairly impressive amount of money in the various charitable marathons.

That is why we want to talk today about two of the charity marathons that we like. On the one hand “Child Play” and on the other hand all “GDQ´s”. Child play, for those who do not know about it, is a marathon of different streamers that collaborate with several hospitals around the world. To put you in perspective, since 2003 they have raised about 44 million dollars for charity, it is incredible!.

The goal is to improve children’s lives with toys and games.  This marathon is a clear reflection of the gamer society standing up for what they thinks is good. Among its most famous streams is Desert Bus for Hope, that we are sincerely in love with.

This section of the Child´s play is based on playing the famous Desert Bus game, known as one of the worst games in history. Trust us, see a gameplay on YouTube and you will see what we say. The game is based on driving a bus through the desert for 8 hours. Sounds interesting? It’s not. There is no interaction with anything, just a little animation that we do not want to reveal exactly at what minute it happens. Try it! You could even find the fly! We have to say thatwe can only mention one of the streams but there are many great talent streamers that help this cause. And this is really nice, seeing how such a big community is able to unite for such a good cause makes us feel genuine pride in our industry and community.

On the other hand, we are also fans of the “GDQ”, these marathons do not have as much impact as Child Play but have managed to establish itself as a benchmark in the gamer community. “GDQ” brings together the best speedrunners of the current panorama twice a year to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. These marathons are in winter ,with the so called “Awsome games done Quick”, and in summer, with the “Summer Games done Quick”.

These marathons began, like many in this industry in the house of one of the current directors and have now reached numbers worthy of any titan of this industry. Currently they raised around two million raised per Marathon, the 100% of this money goes to “Doctors Without Borders”.

It is to admire all the effort and passion that many gamers put to help and contribute their little bit to such amazing causes.

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