Our Tribute to Stan Lee

This sucks, we should not swear in this blog but for once we are going to skip the rules because we believe that no expression can describe so well what we feel about the death of such an incredible person.

It is strange that there is still someone who does not know any work of this wonderful author. It has created a world that has filled a huge amount of people with dreams and fun. Who has not seen an episode of Spiderman at a younger age? (or not so young)

Truth be told, the death of Stan Lee marks the end of an era.

How could we honor him but with a review of the amazing games inspired by his work? And that’s the thing, Stan Lee didn’t only influence the way comics are today. Many of his ideas, characters and story beats have served as inspiration for so many games in some way that it’s impossible to track the whole extend of his influence, but let’s start with an easy one.

For simplicity’s sake, we decided to limit it to two games so that the post does not become too long.

On the one hand we want to honor the wonderful Spider-Man (obvious, no?) But not the one that just came out on Playstation 4, but the one on Playstation 1. We are aware that it may even be the case that our younger readers do not know this game, but I can assure you that for us at that time, that game had it ALL. I still remember going to the school to talk for hours with my friends about certain zones or how to beat some bosses, like Carnagetopus (yes, in the end carnage assimilates doctor octopus, late spoiler warning).

It had action, punches, the costumes and without a doubt the best of all this… the swinging, good lord the swinging! It felt so good. So much that many of us just waited for the new game of Spider-Man to be finish just to feel that sensation of seeing our friendly neighbor hanging from an arachnid fluid.

On the other hand, there was also a little game called Wolverine’s Revenge for Playstation 2, which is amazing! I think this game was not as famous as  the first Spider-Man was (because although it had Wolverine and that’s cool, it didn’t have cool swining) but what the hell, that’s the wonder of Stan Lee. He has created so many universes that even a less famous game like this can make anyone have a great time, and man I had one!

This game was really simple, you put yourself in the claws of Logan and you used them at all times to cut every single organic or inorganic being that happened to be in the way. Although under this argument the game does not seem too attractive the truth is that the controls were very fluid and the graphics made us feel in the skin of Wolverine. Also the stealth mode increased the experience of living a typical adventure of our favorite mutant and it made you enjoy every second of the game.

We wanted to focus especially on these two gems created by the Marvel universe but we know that there are thousands of games that have moved generations. Which one is your favorite?

For all this and much more: Thank you Mr. Lee, may you rest in peace.

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