I´m an indie guy at Madrid Games Week

This time it’s our turn to talk about the Madrid games Week.

In this stream of events there is no way to stay in the office but, the truth is that this time we had a bit of an advantage since Madrid is a city that catches us much closer than the previous ones. The video game events in Madrid have not gone through their best time, in recent years they have changed several times of event confusing the majority of gamers who were approaching it. Yet this year has been one of the best we can rememeber!

Where do we start our adventure? I will follow the example of our old publications and begin by mentioning how beautiful and wonderful Madrid is.

Although it is true that the event was a little far from the center of Madrid. You can not stop visiting areas as amazing as “El Retiro” or “Gran Vía”. If you come those are emblematic areas where you can either rest or take a “tapa” with a cool and nice drink.

The truth is that “El Retiro” is a huge park where one may even get lost if you are not careful enough.

Going back to what’s really interesting, the event lasted 4 wonderful days. As is normal in this type of events the first days there was not so many peopl, and we took this time to play all that was within our reach.

I love Smash (no, I have no complaints about Piranha Plant, although I can understand the arguments against Incineroar) so I did not hesitate a second to go to the Nintendo area and get to know the people who work there. And man I was lucky! Not only did I meet people who were passionate about what they were doing, but we also had a long time talking about Smash. But good after 5 (I lie, in reality there were more) games I got to leave the controller because I did not want to overuse and there was already a little queue. I continued to look around a while in the Nintendo area and reach to the Pokemon area. The truth is that, although I still accept criticism about the inclusion of Incineroar in the Smash I enjoy a lot all the games of this great franchise, even more, I consider myself a Pokemon master (I even had a dark past in which I did streaming Pokemon, please like/ subscribe). So I decided it was time to take a picture and go back to our stand.

OR SO I THOUGHT, because on the way I found this wonder

And yes, I’m also a fan of Kingdom Hearts, only this time, for reasons that still do not understand too well I decided not to try the game. When the game comes out (it’s possible to say this is going to happen, right?) I want to experience this possible work of art that has gone through so many hard times. Let’s remember past examples of games with such an anomalous production and the controversial that resulted in the end (if FF15, I speaking to you). But you have to be positive! I’m sure the game won’t disappoint.

I must admit that I also thought of taking the key home, as this type of events usually throw all the decoration after using it (a real waste) but then I realized that the key was about 4 meters high and talking it to my house would be an odyssey , well no, it would be impossible because my roofs are not so high, so I gave up my attempt.

After all that time I was back to work. Here you have the stand that we had. And our colleague Julio who is an artist, you know a real artist, of those who draw and express his art.

While it is true that the position that we all recieved was not excessively large this was not a problem, it was even better to be closer to our companions and on more than one occasion we shared the players who were waiting in one and another position to play.

One of the best memory (believe me there are many) that we have of the MGW is the food, it sounds weird, because many times in these events you do not eat in the best way but we found a LOVELY Japanese food stand. The truth is that they were great, they were super friendly and we decided to eat there every day. (Yes, the one in the corner is my colleague Julio, and I told you he was an artist)

We also met a lot of people. But we would definitely like to mention the Pop Culture guys with whom we did very good friend and were guided by all the hidden parts of the events. No doubt that they are incredible people for the event that encouraged everyone!

And since you have seen the promotional poster of Hearthstone, I leave here a picture of the tavern they mounted. A group of musicians appeared every couple hours and began playing music instruments and allowed you to live the experience of the tavern. Very funny and simple, Blizzard you are marketing champions.

For the first time in this type of events we were asked if we could give a small conference on our study and our latest project “Catpocalypse Meow” and without hesitation we decided to throw us on the track. The truth is that we had a great time and we loved the response of the public. We can’t be more excited about our game and the acceptance you’re having!

And if you do not believe it, look at these cats and tell me that they are not made with pure love and affection. So much love and affection have that we were able to win the title to best indie of the event delivered by “Reyes del Mando”. He made a tremendous illusion and gave us a lot of strength to continue with “Catpocalypse Meow”. It’s easy to say that fast, but we really loved receiving this award because it assumes that we are communicating in a correct way the idea we have of this industry among other things. .

I can only thank you for reading up to this point. It is thanks to people like you that we move forward with enthusiasm; In the indie market is not easy to succeed, but certainly no one can deny that the tour is exciting and that the friendships you do on the road become unforgettable.

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