Making video games is a difficult and unpredictable task

Every studio has a couple of hidden disciplines that sets it a part from other studios, these disciplines are not easily spotable at a first glance, but depending on how strongly adehered they are to the psyche of the team they can elevate their work from a videogame to a masterpiece.

FraxelGames is no exception. We also got a couple of hidden powers, depending on which member of the family you ask these powers can change, but thats ok too, it is part of the magic. I will tell you which ones are the coolest ones I think we have: we got the powers of fun and endless learning. They don’t sound as sexy as “talent” or “passion” but don’t forget that before the most amazing art, the most complex programming, the most innovative design, the best soundtrack or the smartest marketing; there are people, people with goals and dreams.

This is the most interesting part because dreams by themselves can’t do much, the same as a great idea cannot turn itself into a good videogame without a great execution
So here it is where the willingness to learn comes to play, when someone is eager to learn they pay attention to what is going on, they are focused on one thing, using common sense and thinking carefully on what they have to do, without forgetting to enjoy during the process.
Making videogames is very hard and unpredictable, there is no recipe or path to follow, it isn’t a science or even an art, it is more like an alchemy, you throw in everything you have and hope for the best, this is why hundreds of times it becomes a struggling process and frustration is constantly knocking at your door demanding the best title the world has ever seen within one of the most competitive industries in the world.
This is where we add the fun and the passion that allow us to keep going and never stop doing what we love, at the end of the day we know making games is an exciting task but it requires common sense and staying grounded, like Robert Greene said “creativity is the mix between discipline and a child’s spirit”; gosh he was right.

All of this sounds a little bit huge for a single year old studio with people that have been even less time making videogames but still, we manage to create little sparks that with more effort can turn into a fire.

We make a lot of mistakes and we will make many more, Steve Jobs taught me that making mistakes is good because it means you are making decisions, it means you are able to move forward. We aren’t the best company, probably not your favourite one (yet) but let’s not forget that our brains learn, remember and acquire experience by repetition, that’s why we should never stop thinking we are awesome and feeling like we are huge

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