All gamers are crazy.

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This time we have a slightly shorter entry than usual as we have to much work to do!

But we still wanted to take the opportunity to talk about one of the biggest unknowns of the video gaming market, its tendencies and consumer behaviour.

The first and great truth about this topic is that; all gamers are crazy. Jokes apart the truth is that the gaming community has a special behavior, which is not always easy to predict.

There are several marketing agencies that dedicate themselves exclusively to predicte results with the intention of discovering the next great hit that will come and let their client anticipate the Competition.

However in such a global and changing industry we must be careful with this data because over a single night a new game can appear that changes the panorama in a radical way. One of these examples is Fortnite; although the genre of Battle Royale existed for a couple of years before Fortnite, was the only one who managed to reach the consoles, computers and mobiles of 3, 6millones of players at the same time. What are the reasons for this triumph? Without having data that confirms it I would venture to say that it was a mixture between a relatively little used genre, a good campaign by the streamers and the attraction of a niche market that until then had not raised the possibility of playing a shooter in such a free way. But this is just my humble opinion. What do you think was decisive for Fortnite to achieve this success?

Although of course all the aforementioned goes to the genre that will succeed, there are several metrics within the industry that seem relatively stable over the years, for example, it is true that most people in the world play from their mobile.

For a pure gamer this is not the gaming we love, but we must understand that when it comes to monetizing and getting benefits mobile games are a great source of revenue. One of the reasons for this triumph is the fact that most people in the first world have a device and access to recognized games is simple.

For putting you in position according to data taken by AEVI in 2017 a 44% of the Spaniards played video games and 32% of these used the Smartphone or tablet as a means of recreation, this supass the consoles in 9%. From here you can draw several conclusions but I would dare to say that it is because of the fact that it is cheaper to play in this type of devices and that we have full access to them.

It is thanks to agencies like AEVI and DEV that small indies studies received some information that would otherwise be tremendously costly and difficult to achieve. And as you well know, money and indie rarely coincide!

So we can only thank these associations and encourage you to follow them on social networks to show our support!

PD: I love the song that Sebas put last week so I put it again this week!

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