Good Afternoon! Sebas here again.

Today I’m going to talk about what has become the main theme of CatpocalyseMeow: “CatmunityTheme”.

Well… I call it “main theme” because it is the one that we associate with the game here in the office. It is very catchy and we hum it sometimes, although in Reality is the subject of level 2.

I have to say that for me the game does not have a main theme as such, each theme has its “telling”, although almost all of them are inspired to a greater or lesser extent in the theme of level 1.

But well, what I’m going to do is go back to the moment I was commissioned to compose the issue of level 1, Nacho asked me something moved, with guitars and adventurer. Actually, I had never composed music for video games and I was quite restless. I spent a good handful of hours picking instruments, listening to music to take references, checking the GDD, watching the zombies face the level… and when I was feeling quite inspired I started to see what could I do.

After a week I already had the theme mounted and equalized. I was inspired by films like Iron Man, The Avengers, The Incredibles and some other adventure films.

Drums, bass, electric guitars, strings (pizzicato for the more relaxed parts, staccato for the liveliest), a piano with enough delay and a synth. The result was something quite turned out and everyone liked it (phew, what a relief). And then they asked me to do the Level 2 music, which was going to be set in the middle ages, with forests, goblins, trolls, orcs… Nacho suggested that I give him a folk approach.

Said and done, hands to work. I decided that I would base the whole soundtrack on the first theme, so I would make variations inspired by it.

And so it was, the first thing I did was remove the piano and the sinte, then I added a violin, an irish flute, a couple of cellos, I changed the battery, I alter the main melody, which is still quite recognizable, redo the entire rhythmic base of the battery , give swing to the theme, make arrangements and variations, etc. There was something with Celtic touches, but with that “hard” touch that is given by electric Guitars. And it seems that everyone liked it enough, it is of those melodies that you get into your head almost inadvertently and you end up humming without noticing. Mission accomplished!

Since then we have heard so much that we already associate it with the game, but in fact it is only a loose subject. anyway, I hope you like the Result.


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