Programming is A-MA-ZING

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My name is Miguel Montero, and I’m the one in charge of coordinating the whole programming department in Fraxel Games! Programming in my view is one of the most ungrateful job in this industry because they only remember you when there’s a Bug, the game controls are not “tight” enough or things like that, but even then it’s still an amazing job.

As a programmer you get all the different resources from the other departments, it could be graphic or music for example. Sometimes, we even get just a simple idea like “We want our main protagonist to launch remote control cats” and you go like “WTF?!?!” and try to make it happen. After this our task is mainly to unify everything and make it work. This part is the most beautiful of all since it allows us to see how the ideas and the different components mix together to make a game.

In the programming department the work is distributed so that everybody has a main thing to do.  This can be setting up the UI, I.A. behaviour, different game mechanic, how to handle game data and, when needed, online multiplayer.

Despite everything I have said, that’s only the theory. In reality everyone here in Fraxel Games has to be able to multitask. We divided our work depending on the necessity of the project and the strong points of everyone, so we end up even doing animations, scenes or dialogs. This variety in our work is what it really makes it an amazing job.

Another task, that’s as important as the previous one is that I have is to bring to the studio some cool elements that could bring a smile in hard moments (I will show you some now).

Not everything while working has to be 8 hours in front of a monitor till your work is done. To rest and have fun with your coworkers while doing it is what makes this more than just a job.

It’s a pleasure to share this with all of you and if you want to know more about us please do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will answer as soon as possible ^^.

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